Monday, December 27, 2010

First Christmas!!

Malina had such a WONDERFUL holiday!!She spent Christmas Eve (day) at home,hanging with mommy and daddy! Tata and Michael came by for a few hours too. We all just hung out and watched tv and laughed at SILLY Malina, of course.

Christmas Eve (evening) we went to Inays. It was so great for Malina to see a lot of the family. It had been a while since she was able to see all her cousins. Everyone just hung out, chatted, and watched the kids play. Then, after dinner we went to go see Christmas lights. We got out and walked around the neighborhood (where the lights were). Malina and Mason really enjoyed the lights. They were both really cute looking at the lights. When we returned to Inays all of the kids opened gifts. That was fuuunn!! Too see all of their lil faces light up in excitement was priceless. Malina took sooooooo long to open her gifts because she would see part of it and play with that part..LOL. She didn't end up opening all of them because there wasn't enough hours..hahah. that was really cool though to have all the cousins opening at once. Meanwhile, all the parents are quickly trying to video tape and take pictures:). Christmas day we woke up and Malina was sooo excited to see the wagon Santa left her. Slowly but surely we opened presents. Malina opened pretty much all day and still had some left. She was really cute and got excited with all the gifts. Then she wanted to play with all of them immediately. So you can imagine the chaos that was going on in our living room.
Tata, Michael, Lolo, Auntie Arlene, Uncle Nicko, Nickolas and Adrian all came by. Malina opened gifts with them and played and played and played some more. We had a really good time just watching basketball and football, eating and chatting.

Malina is really wanting to walk more. Throughout the day she walks a lot now. She walked the length of our living room back and forth with out falling. Most of the time she gets soooo excited that she ends up falling because of the excitement.
We can't wait in a just 3 more days she'll be 1!!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Less than a month to 1

I can't believe my baby is 11 months old ALREADY!! This month she celebrated her first Halloween and Thanksgiving.

For Halloween we spent it at the Dir's watching the Chargers and then trick-or-treating. All of the kiddos looked so cute!! Malina had fun. Since we were there all day, she played all day, and didn't nap. So, when it was time to trick-or-treat, she went to a few houses then passed out.
Her first Thanksgiving was also very fun. We started the day at our house. We cooked a little Thanksgiving. Tata, Uncle Michael and Lolo all came by. Then we went to Nina Heather's familys house. Malina had a ball! She had fun playing with the kids, adults, and crawling around. She was glad she got to have 2 Thanksgivings, even though she only ate a little bit at both:).

This month Malina has really started to show her personality. She is very funny!!! She loves to now wave "hi" and "bye" to everyone. No matter where we are she waves :). She's been waving for a while, but now she knows to do it when getting somewhere or leaving!

She's also started to stand everywhere, mostly leaning onto things, but she also stands for a lil with nothing and takes a few steps. She likes to push toys that helps her walk. She started with kenzi's shopping cart and now she likes to push her walker. It's quite funny though, because she pushes all her toys to help her walk, whether they are walkers or not...hahaha.
She also has started to speak her own language. She definitely is going to have a lot to say because she is already constantly talking. She says "mama" "dada" and "tetha" really clear...haha. apparently "tetha" is bottle:). She also says "whoa" and "wow" and many other words, but not too sure what she is talking about.

She has continued to shake her head and yell this month. She likes to yell when it's quiet, go figure..haha. She has continued to be a very happy baby, always laughing and smiling!! She loves being outdoors and playing with kids;0. We are LOVING every moment with Malina. We can't wait to celebrate her first Christmas and then her first Birthday!!

Enjoy her 10th month pics!

Nov 10 Malina's 10th month