Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Our baby is 3 months old!!!

Happy 3 months Malina!! I can't believe how quickly it has gone by.

This week is mommy and Malina's last week together. I think Malina knows it because she has been really clingy to me:(. I am excited to go back to work and I know Malina will have tons of fun with Nana Norma.

This month Malina has really changed a lot. She is making much more noise and even yelling at me....haha. She loves to make noise especially if someone is doing it with her. She has started to move a lot. One morning I found her completely diagonal to where she started in her crib. Good thing she is not sleeping with mommy and daddy, no one but Malina would be sleeping...hahah.

Her sleeping is GREAT!!! About 7:30 we do her bath, read a book (if she's not too restless), feed her then she goes to bed. Mommy and daddy take turns putting her to sleep. The first night daddy tried to put her to sleep she wasn't too happy, but since then she LOVES it. It's really funny though because if we are not home Malina will stay up later, because she's nosey. BUT if we are home and she's not getting ready for bed by 8, we're all in trouble.....she's NOT HAPPY!!!Lately she's been either sleeping through the night or waking up once to eat. Her feed is VERY FAST since she drinks so quickly!!

She's eating 5 to 6oz consistently now. She gets mad when I don't feed her quick enough...LOL. She definitely LOVES to eat.

Malina has picked up a BAD HABIT from daddy!!! She loves TV...haha. Whenever the TV is on she breaks her neck to see it. I started leaving it on cartoons for her as I shower and now she expects it. One day I didn't put on cartoons , I figured she had no clue and she cried the entire time I was in the shower (which was like 2 min...quickest shower ever), as soon as I changed it she was fine!! I guess she does know if it's on cartoons...LOL.

Malina is such a funny little girl!! Carey and I crack up at all her little noises and gestures. She will mad-dog you in a second and then smile and act so innocent. She already has such a little personality. We are scared to see when she starts talking and moving around...haha. She already LOVES her little animal friends. She talks to them, stares at them and even hits them. We are hoping that she will be a little nicer to her real friends...LOL.

This weekend Malina will celebrate her first Easter in Blythe and meet lots of family and friends. We are so excited to finally take her there. Mommy will also start work on Monday, so expect some blogs soon.

We hope you enjoy Malina's 2nd month pics!!
Mar 10 Malina's 2nd month

Thursday, March 18, 2010


SORRY, SORRY, SORRY!! My goal is to update at least once a week and I failed this last week. I'm not too sure why but I did. I think it's because Malina has been such a cat napper. She was taking little short naps and I could not get ANYTHING done.Just recently (yesterday) she started taking longer naps, so I am able to actually get things done.

All is great!! Malina has been doing awesome sleeping in her crib. I think she is part inch worm because every morning she has moved to a different spot in her crib and today while playing in her play yard she moved 1/4 of circle..she would of did and 1/2 a circle (180 degrees) but part of the play yard was in her way. Each night she goes to bed between 7-8, sometimes she'll hang until 9. By 7:30 we do her bath then she is usually ready to eat and go to bed. Malina has been doing well at night. SOMETIMES she doesnt wake up at all:) Other times she wakes up at about 2 for a quick lil bottle then right back to sleep until 7:30. Today she slept in to 8:30, so I was excited. She isn't consistently sleeping through the night, but she's getting close (i hope:)).

Malina finally got to see her friend Zeriah at his brother Zerek's birthday party. She went to pump-it-up and watched all the kids play and eat yummy treats...hahah.

Malina also went on her first road trip to Roland Heights for Cyan's birthday party. She had fun again watching all the kids:). She was happy to see Mason,Kyle,Kevin,Max,Cyan and all the other kids.She did good on the road.She slept the entire ride up and on the ride home too. She did wake up briefly on the way home for 5 min or so crying, but then she was right back to sleep. That night she slept the ENTIRE night until 7:30 and the next day she took MANY naps...i guess she got wore out at the party...LOL

Yesterday was Malina's first St. Patty's Day. She had fun hanging out with mommy. Mommy made sure she wore her two bibs and St. Patty's Day dress:). When daddy got home, we drank some green beer and Malina did a green poop all for St. Patty's Day!!

Sooooooo....ALL is going great!! We are very happy with the sleep we are getting. I even stay up passed her and Carey to scrapbook and play with pictures:).

Sunday, March 7, 2010

big girl crib time.....

Malina had a fun and exciting week!! At the beginning of the week Malina surprised us with the cutest little giggle EVER!! We kept waiting to hear it again, but of course we never did. Mommy and Malina had fun playing inside because it was very ugly outside. Malina loves playing with her lil play yard where she lays on her back. She especially loves to look at herself in the mirror. She also is enjoying her tummy time surf board.
Malina finally got to have some fun this week..haha. On Thursday (3-4) she got to meet Auntie Emee and Zoee at the mall. Both girls slept a lot at the beginning but then they sure woke up. They had fun looking around the mall. It was funny because Emee and i noticed we went into ALL kids stores. I guess it's more fun to shop for the girls these days..haha Malina already can't wait for her next outing with Zoee.

Daddy was off on Friday (3-5)so we all went to La Jolla to walk around. Now that Malina is able to see more she loves to look around. She liked walking near the beach until it got too cold, then she was ready to go home...haha.

(3-6)We took Malina to church again. We were very nervous since she's such a cat napper these days, but she did fine. We met Nina Heather,Nino Ron, Mason and Auntie Cora there. Afterwards Mason and Nino Ron and Nina Heather came over. Malina was a lil crabby since her tummy hurt, so we didn't take many pics. Mason had fun taking laps with his mommy and daddy around the house..haha.

We decided to put Malina in her crib in her room. She's been sleping good and moving a lot in the bassinet, so it's time for her "big girl crib"...haha. She did pretty good:). She woke up every 4 hours to eat rather than every 6 like she had been. Other than that she seemed to do fine. Of course I got up every hour to make sure she was still there...haha. So far so good, but we'll see.

Sunday (3-7), Malina got to have her bf Kenzi over for awhile. Nina Natalie and Uncle D took Nev and Jaden to a movie, so Kenzi got to come play with us. She had fun watching Malina. Poor Kenzi tried to play with Malina but realized she's kinda boring, since she doesn't do too much. I'm sure Kenzi can't wait for Malina toget a little older...haha