Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Daddy's back to work..........

MonDAY went well. Malina and I saw Carey off in the morning, then about 12 we went for a walk. We walked to the store to get a few things. Of course as I was about to check out she woke up crying.Right as we exited she was fine again. I guess she didn't like waiting to pay...LOL.The rest of the day was great. I should of known because it was a good day it would be a challenging night. She was up every hour to two hours ready to eat. Needless to say, yesterday, Tuesday all 3 of us were tired. Soooooooo, all day Tuesday Malina was mad because she was tired!! I tried to tell her we were all tired because of her.........but she wouldn't listen....haha. THANKFULLY, she was exhausted last night, so WE ALL slept much better:) Hopefully that was her 1 bad day of the week. I allow her 1 a week...haha. Today she is 4 weeks old already!! Saturday we will celebrate her 1 month birthday, January 30th.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Last day home for daddy :(

Some pics of part of Malina's 4th week

Malina definitely knows today is Carey's last day. Actually this whole week has been a little different. I think she wants to make sure Carey misses us when he goes back to work. It started Wednesday when she was going through a growth spurt. Carey and I did not understand what was going on. All day she wanted to do was eat or be in our arms. This is unusual for Malina and we wondered why she was so "fussy". As we read and talked to other parents we realized there's a big growth spurt at 3 weeks and apparently that's what was going on. Luckily, the next day she was back to her normal sleeping and eating. THANKFULLY, because we were getting a little worried.

Friday, Malina's bellybutton fell off. Actually the majority of it fell off late last week, but the last of it came off Friday. So, Saturday we took her a bath in the big bath with her little bather of course. She was really liking it until the bather malfunctioned....haha. Overall, i think she is really going to enjoy her baths now. She also started doing her tummy time and playing on her little play yard. She really likes playing with all the hanging toys, but only for a few minutes..haha.

Saturday, Malina finally got to meet some more of her uncles/aunties/cousins/friends. We went to Edmon's 3rd birthday and we got to meet baby Rylan and Baby Zoee. Malina is the baby of the 3, but they are all just weeks apart. Maddie is now so big at 6 months compared to the little guys,and Edmon is the big kid at 3. The conversations were very different at the party. Everyone was having fun passing the kids around. Auntie Gayla and Uncle Greg are definitely next...hahaha (We can't wait for another baby to join the group). Malina enjoyed being in everyones arms of course, and once again no one believed how temperamental she is. I must say she is a GREAT

I am bummed Carey is going back to work tomorrow. I know it's going to be another adjustment since I am used to him helping a we'll see how tomorrow goes!!! Wish me luck!!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

going on 3 weeks...

click to see pics
Last week came and went so quickly......
Friday, 1-15-09, Malina had her 2nd appointment. This time she was a little better. She didn't cry too much. Of course, she didn't like undressing, but that's expected from her...hahaha. She now weighs 7lbs 6oz :). Carey and I were both pleasantly surprised she went up that much.

These last few days Malina has started smiling A LOT!! It is very cute!! We notice it a lot when she is getting ready for bed. She constantly smiles and has little smirks on her cute face.

Saturday, 1-16-09, Malina met Maria, Gavin, Danielle, Tim, Veronica, and Natalie for the first time. She was bummed Annica wasn't there but she's excited to see her next time. Malina enjoyed being held of course and passed around.

Sunday, 1-16-09, BIG DAY for Malina. She went to her first birthday party. Her bf Kenzi's first birthday party :) She slept the whole party. She did wake up for a lil while just enough time to poop in her Charger outfit. Luckily, mommy packed another outfit. Malina then went to the Dir's and watched the Charger's vs the Jets. Not a good game but Malina did enjoy FINALLY meeting the Farrage's, Grams, Janice and the Zamora's. She slept the majority of the time in everyones arms, but by 8:30 she knew it was her bedtime. She told mom and dad by screaming and crying that she wanted to go home :(. That was our first day out the majority of the day. Overall, the day went well.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2 weeks old today!!!!

Can't believe Malina is already two weeks old. Time sure does fly! Malina has been adjusting really well. She still gets very upset when it's time to be changed and when she is hungry! It is amazing how mad she gets and how quickly she goes from happy to mad :( She definitely takes after her daddy....hahah.

Yesterday, 1-12-09, Malina went to the mall, Fashion Valley, for the first time. She was pretty good. She did get hungry, so we had to feed her, but other than that she just slept. She also went in an elevator in JC Pennys for the first time. Lots of firsts for Malina and plenty more to come.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

First visit to Holy Family Catholic Church


Today Malina went to church for her first time. Carey and I planned all day how we could make sure she was content during church. We made sure she ate, was changed and comfortable before. She slept the entire time through church. We were both so nervous she would wake up and cry during church, and we would be the parents with the noisy kid...haha. Luckily, she did not make a "peep". Before and after church we got to see Father Michael (the one who married us :) ) and he even blessed Malina.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

getting into a routine


WOW! It's amazing how wonderful you feel when you get some sleep. I don't want to jinx it, but Malina has been doing awesome at night. She wakes up every 3 to 4 hours to eat, but then she is right back in a deep slumber. I am sure this will not last forever, but she's been pretty consistent for the past three nights. We are hoping this is her new sleeping routine. We'll see, only time will tell!!
Also, Malina has started to smirk and smile. We know it's only a reflex, but it's still really cute! Mommy always tries to get a pic but of course by the time the pic is taken the smile is gone:(. Hopefully we'll catch a smile or smirk soon!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

1 week old today

1-6-10 It's hard to believe our lil Malina is already a week old. Seems like yesterday I was anticipating her arrival. This past week has been very "different" for us. A good different of course. Carey and I have had very little sleep but we seem to being managing just fine. We both take turns feeding and changing Malina. Most of the time the feeding is up to me since I have the "goods", but I've pumped some into bottles to make sure Carey gets his fair share of feeding also. Malina is adjusting well. She is starting to confuse her nights and days less, so that's good. Overall, we are are very blessed and can't complain.

Monday, 1-4 Malina went to her first doctors appointment. She did not enjoy undressing during the appointment. The appointment went well. She had gained an ounce so, the doctor was pleased. We also scheduled her next appointment. So far so good!

Tuesday, 1-5 We went on our first errands without Malina. Malina stayed home with Nana Norma while Mommy and Daddy ran errands. When we got home we took Malina for a walk. She enjoyed her first stroll in her stroller. She slept the majority of the time, but she still seemed to enjoy the fresh cool SD air.

click to see pics of malina's first week

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Getting used to home

The second day (1-2-09, Saturday) was pretty good, and the night was awesome! Malina woke up each night to feed but that was all. We were so impressed, and hoped this was her sleeping pattern from now on.

Sunday, 1-3-09 , EXACT opposite of the previous night. She was amazing during the day. The Dirs and the Ruyeras were here watching the Charger game and she was loving all the attention. She went from arm to arm, and swing to bouncer, she was in heaven!! We kept telling them how bad of a temper she has and how mad she gets, yada yada, and they didn't believe us because of how good she was. Once everyone left Carey and I knew it would be a loooong night for us. We were soooooo correct. Every hour on the hour she woke up. She must of had her days and nights completely mixed up. It was a rough night for Carey and I , but somehow we managed to work together and manage not sleeping.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

first few days

Click to see pics of Malina's first few days.....


We are home now and Malina is getting adjusted to her new house. Last night, was very tiring! Malina wasn' sure if she wanted to sleep, eat, or play. So mommy and daddy were up the majority of the night. Luckily Nana Norma is here too, so about 3:30 she took Malina so we could sleep.

Happy 2010!!

Happy 2010!! We didn't even greet anyone, we totally forgot it was New Years, SORRY. I guess being in the hospital does that to you. Our doctor's (mine and Malina's) decided we were both able to go home today!!!!!We were very excited to finally get to have Malina with us 24/7 and to GO HOME!!!!!!


We didn't even realize it was New Year's Eve because we were so preoccupied with mine and Malina's recovery! Malina started to do much better , so her nurses started bringing her to our room more. At this point, I knew she was okay since she was able to leave the nicu more and stay with us for longer periods of time. Her nurses kept telling us how great she was doing, but she had to remain part of the nicu to be monitored and to finish her antibiotics.

Apparently the medicine was working great (according to the doctors and nurses). At 5 am my cervix was thinned and I was dilated to 9 cm , so i got an EPIDURAL and the fun was really on it's away!! At 8:45 the doctors and nurses said it was time to start pushing!! So immediately I started pushing with my coaches, Carey and my mom, along side. For a good hour I pushed but Malina did not come out. We took a break because both Malina and I (mostly me) were getting tired. At 10:15 I started pushing again. We tried several postions and different methods and nothing seemed to get her out. About 11:20 the doctor said we would try pushing until 12 and then we could make a decision for plan B. At about 11:40, I was EXHAUSTED and Malina's heartrate started to drop , immediately the doctors decided an emergency c section was necessary NOW. At that point, everyone's concern was Malina's decreasing heartrate :( , which at this point I had no idea was even occuring. This point on was all like a scence from Grey's Anatomy and a HUGE BLUR to me. I was rushed in for the c section and at 12:33 Malina was born. After she was born the doctors realized she was not positioned right, so that is why she she wasn't able to come out. She was stuck behind the pelvic bone, so it was good they did a c section when they did.
When Malina first came out the doctors immediately started working on her. She came out and was very pale and not breathing. She also was not moving around like newborns should. This along with a few other things caused a lot of concern, so she was immediately rushed to the NICU and started on antibiotics. I was not able to see Malina until later than evening. I was very bummed that I wasn't able to see her neither was any of our family. Carey did go and see her for a bit , but he wanted to wait until I was able to see her. About 9:30 that evening her NICU nurse brought her into our room so we could see her.

After her birth, the doctors said she immediately starting doing better. She had reacted to all the medications I was on and the stress of the delivery had caused her heartrate to decrease at first. While in the NICU she was closely montiored and tested to ensure she was ok. She passed all of her tests and immediately the doctors and nurses knew her as "Ms. fiesty" and "Ms. Temper". However, she had to remain in the NICU to finish her antibiotics and for observation.

Our last visit with our midwife!!

12/29/09 This was supposed to be our last visit with our midwife before Malina's birth. When we got there all my vitals were checked. When the nurse took my blood pressure it was high, immediately, Carey and I looked at each other and knew we may not be going home from the visit. When our midwife walked in first thing she said was, "You have just earned your ticket to labor and delivery!" Apparently, My blood pressure was high and I had +3 protein in my urine, so I was showing signs of preeclampsia. After our visit we had to go to triage and check-in. For the following few hours my urine and blood pressure were monitored. My urine didn't change and my blood pressure kept rising, so they decided it was safest for me and Malina if I was induced immediately. Since Malina wasn't ready to come yet, my cervix wasn't thinned and I was not dialated. So, about 2:45 (the fun begins) they began giving me medicine to thin my cervix.