Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Daddy's back to work..........

MonDAY went well. Malina and I saw Carey off in the morning, then about 12 we went for a walk. We walked to the store to get a few things. Of course as I was about to check out she woke up crying.Right as we exited she was fine again. I guess she didn't like waiting to pay...LOL.The rest of the day was great. I should of known because it was a good day it would be a challenging night. She was up every hour to two hours ready to eat. Needless to say, yesterday, Tuesday all 3 of us were tired. Soooooooo, all day Tuesday Malina was mad because she was tired!! I tried to tell her we were all tired because of her.........but she wouldn't listen....haha. THANKFULLY, she was exhausted last night, so WE ALL slept much better:) Hopefully that was her 1 bad day of the week. I allow her 1 a week...haha. Today she is 4 weeks old already!! Saturday we will celebrate her 1 month birthday, January 30th.

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