Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Look who's 1 month old

Saturday, January 30th Malina turned one month old!! We can't believe how quickly the month came and went. Malina has changed so much in this month. She is now starting to stay awake longer. She has gotten better when getting her diaper changed, she rarely screams now. She also enjoys her bath time now and does not scream nor cry at that time. She still is very short tempered and gets angry VERY quickly. She is definitely a mini Carey. We have enjoyed every moment of her 1st month now we look forward to the next month. To celebrated her first month I made some cupcakes with a 1 to symbolize her first month. Tata and Michael came by that day to visit and play with Malina. Malina also met Uncle Elvin, Auntie Leri and Cyan later that evening.

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