Sunday, April 25, 2010

Our Malina is growing up....

hehe...... Lil Malina is changing soooo much. She is one hungry girl!! She started waking up more frequently and wanting more formula. Then her 6 oz bottles were not "filling" her up. So, we decided to started giving her rice cereal. The first day she was not too sure about it. Mommy made it a little runny...hahaha, so that's probably why. The second night she did much better, but her tummy hurt for a bit after:(. Now she's on her 4th day and she likes it and sleeps much better at night.

Malina has also started to teethe....LOTS of drooling and FUSSY times..haha:) This afternoon she was pretty fussy but once she started chewing on her teething toy she was ok. She also tries to stick her entire hand in her mouth. Most of the time she just manages to have 3 fingers in there. Sometimes she even gags herself . She is too funny!

Our lil Malina is also becoming a homebody (like daddy). When we go out to crowded or noisey places she gets overwhelmed :(. I am hoping this is just a phase , but we'll c. We will continue to have her out to see if she can over come her wanting to be at home. She also just recently started crying when being held by others :(. Usually its at nap time, when she freaks out but I don't know. I'm hoping this too also passes. Our girl is not wanting to be the social butterfly we want her to be...LOL. :(

We can't believe Malina is going to be 4 months Friday!! Time has gone by sooooo quickly!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Some more FIRSTS

Sunday Malina and Mommy had a fun-filled day while Daddy worked. We started our Sunday early at Chuck E' Cheeses for Max's 3rd Birthday! Malina had fun watching all the kids play. Of course, she also liked all the bright lights and noises. She managed to be held by all, which of course she LOVED. She liked napping on Auntie Unique's shoulder, being fed by Auntie Felicia and Throwing up on Nina Heather. Sorry Nina, it was an accident...haha.

When Chuck E Cheese came out Malina was too young to understand...haha. I did manage to get him to hold her. Cousin Mason even got in the picture, they both did really well!! The birthday boy wasn't to sure about him though...haha

After Chuck E Cheeses we went and got Nana and went to Hooter's to meet the Farrages and Dirs. You can imagine how tired Malina was after all that birthday fun. She cried for a second then passed out in her bfs KJ's stroller. When Malina woke up she was a new girl, rested and ready. She was soooo happy to see Mimi and Papa (Dodo too) and of course the Dir's.

Once we got home Malina was TIRED!!!! She had a WONDERFUL Sunday but was exhausted.

ADDED new pics:)
Apr 10 malina's 3rd month_2

QT with Nana

Malina and Nana Norma are having sooo much fun together. Of course, Malina is EXTREMELY spoiled by her Nana. They have both gotten really close, it's very cute.

Malina has started to giggle and laugh, it's the cutest thing. She cracks up with her Nana, it is adorable. Everytime we pull out the video camera she instantly STOPS :(. Hopefully soon we will get it on video.

Nana is very busy all day with lil Malina, but somehow she still manages to cook amd clean:):). She now realizes why I say Malina is "high maintence". Nana has learned all the Malina tricks, so it's easier , but she still gets a run for her money....haha.

I know Malina is going to miss her Nana when she has to go back, but for now, she'll ENJOY and CHERISH all of her QT with Nana.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Apr 10 malina's 3rd month_2

Malina's 3rd month so far

Mommy's back to work

TIME FLIES!!!!! I can't believe my maternity leave is over!! I must say I had a WONDERFUL 3 months with Malina.

Going back to work wasn't as bad as I thought. I was very lucky to have my mom and Carey both wake up with Malina so I could sleep. The first few nights I still woke up and tried to help , but of course I was sent back to sleep. By the third night i slept right through it. Nana Norma send me pics all day long, so that helps when i'm at work. It's great to come home and see Malina's beautiful face. The first days made me a lil sad because she would whine for me when I was home like if I was going to leave her :(, but she has gotten used to it. She has fun with Nana all day.

Malina has started to be VERY active. She moves so much and is constantly "talking". Sometimes it's like she is yelling at all of us. She's very happy natured, but at night she gets cranky. She definitely knows when it's her bed time.

The only downfall to being back to work is all the GERMS!!! My kids have already managed to give me an cold and now the stomach flu (in the same week). Now one by one we are all starting to feel yucky!!As long as Malina feels good it's all good:)

So i guess I'm back to the working world....Time Flies when you are having fun or not...haha!!! Stay tuned....

Monday, April 12, 2010

First Easter

Malina had an AWESOME first Easter!! She spent Easter weekend in Blythe visiting with friends and family. Her first long roadtrip to Blythe went pretty well. On the way there she slept for the majority of the ride, but the last 15 minutes she was OVER being in her carseat. By the time we got to Nana's she was READY to be out of the car (we all were). When we got to Nana's there was a lot of family there. Malina was overwhelmed at first but warmed up to our loud,exciting family.
We were lucky to stay with the Almquists for the weekend. Malina got to spend time with her cousins and borrow all of Kase's things....hehe Malina and Kase are only 3 days apart, so it was fun getting them together. Malina had all of her other cousins there too. She loved playing with all of them.
For Easter, she sat with Tata and watched all her cousins hunt for eggs and she also hunted a few.She was extremely spoiled for Easter from the Easter bunny and so many others. She got a bathing suit, cute outfits,toys, candy , baby food and tons of things. THANK YOU to everyone:). She loved all of her goodies.
While in Blythe Malina went to her Nina Mel's baby shower. She was sooo happy to finally meet her Nina Mel and cousin Cycy. Cycy was really good with her and loved holding her like a big boy:).She also got to spend time with both of her great grandma's Nana Chuchi and Nana Solia and her great grandpa Tata Chuchi. Malina also met the ,Almquists, Armentas, Evans,Rices,Amy D and all of the Guilins (TONS of Auntie's and Uncles and cousins). She was sooooooo happy to meet them and spend time with all of them.
She had a greeeeeeeeeeaaat first trip to Blythe. She can't wait to go again and meet even more Blythe peeps..haha.