Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Some more FIRSTS

Sunday Malina and Mommy had a fun-filled day while Daddy worked. We started our Sunday early at Chuck E' Cheeses for Max's 3rd Birthday! Malina had fun watching all the kids play. Of course, she also liked all the bright lights and noises. She managed to be held by all, which of course she LOVED. She liked napping on Auntie Unique's shoulder, being fed by Auntie Felicia and Throwing up on Nina Heather. Sorry Nina, it was an accident...haha.

When Chuck E Cheese came out Malina was too young to understand...haha. I did manage to get him to hold her. Cousin Mason even got in the picture, they both did really well!! The birthday boy wasn't to sure about him though...haha

After Chuck E Cheeses we went and got Nana and went to Hooter's to meet the Farrages and Dirs. You can imagine how tired Malina was after all that birthday fun. She cried for a second then passed out in her bfs KJ's stroller. When Malina woke up she was a new girl, rested and ready. She was soooo happy to see Mimi and Papa (Dodo too) and of course the Dir's.

Once we got home Malina was TIRED!!!! She had a WONDERFUL Sunday but was exhausted.

ADDED new pics:)
Apr 10 malina's 3rd month_2

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