Monday, April 12, 2010

First Easter

Malina had an AWESOME first Easter!! She spent Easter weekend in Blythe visiting with friends and family. Her first long roadtrip to Blythe went pretty well. On the way there she slept for the majority of the ride, but the last 15 minutes she was OVER being in her carseat. By the time we got to Nana's she was READY to be out of the car (we all were). When we got to Nana's there was a lot of family there. Malina was overwhelmed at first but warmed up to our loud,exciting family.
We were lucky to stay with the Almquists for the weekend. Malina got to spend time with her cousins and borrow all of Kase's things....hehe Malina and Kase are only 3 days apart, so it was fun getting them together. Malina had all of her other cousins there too. She loved playing with all of them.
For Easter, she sat with Tata and watched all her cousins hunt for eggs and she also hunted a few.She was extremely spoiled for Easter from the Easter bunny and so many others. She got a bathing suit, cute outfits,toys, candy , baby food and tons of things. THANK YOU to everyone:). She loved all of her goodies.
While in Blythe Malina went to her Nina Mel's baby shower. She was sooo happy to finally meet her Nina Mel and cousin Cycy. Cycy was really good with her and loved holding her like a big boy:).She also got to spend time with both of her great grandma's Nana Chuchi and Nana Solia and her great grandpa Tata Chuchi. Malina also met the ,Almquists, Armentas, Evans,Rices,Amy D and all of the Guilins (TONS of Auntie's and Uncles and cousins). She was sooooooo happy to meet them and spend time with all of them.
She had a greeeeeeeeeeaaat first trip to Blythe. She can't wait to go again and meet even more Blythe peeps..haha.

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