Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Where is our baby?

I don't even know where to begin!! Our lil girl is now doing the army crawl, drinking out of a sippy cup (kinda), and eating tons of fruits and veggies. She also visited Pacific Beach for the first time and finally met Auntie Dolly, Auntie Maritel and cousin Josh! Malina was soooo happy to meet more family!! She loves all her family and meeting ones she hasn't yet. Auntie Dolly, Auntie Maritel and Josh were in town for a quick visit. Malina was able to hang out for a bit. She was pretty good when they saw her during the day, but of course was a lil cranky when she visited close to her bedtime :(. So it's official she's doing the army crawl....haha. Late last week she started and she has gotten mighty fast. The video clip below is the day she started doing it. Her and I were playing and she kept reaching for a toy next thing I knew she was scooting to the toy. Of course, it took me a moment to find the camera, so by the time I filmed it she was EXHAUSTED..haha. Since then she's only gotten better. Now she moves quicker and all over. Of course, she prefers to be where ever I haven't laid down the blanket...haha She has also started to eat tons of different fruits and veggies. She has LOVED all of them. Carrots were her least favorite and come to find out they irrate her tummy. So other than carrots she eats it all. I've started to puree veggies for her:). She loves the green beans and peas:)Hopefully that means she'll be a good eater and like veggies. She also have started to take sips from beginning a sippy cup. During dinner we let her have a few swallows of water. She really seems to like it and gets water all down her chin and neck. Malina also visited the beach for the first time. The Farrage's had a beach house, so we went to play:)!! She loved it!! Of course, she loved the sand and all the people. She wasn't too crazy about the cold water. Every time the water would come to her feet she'd lift them...it was quite funny!! She definitely enjoyed herself and even managed to take a nice nap on the beach..LOL:) We are very lucky to have such a happy and good natured baby. For the most part she likes everyone and is happy. She usually only gets fussy when she's tired, hungry, or hot!! No complaints here!! All in all....i can't believe our lil munchkin will be 7 months Friday!! She is growing and getting so big right before our eyes!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mommy and Daddy Time

We decided to take an early anniversary trip. Nothing big, we went to Rancho Mirage (Palm Springs area) for a day and a half.

Since Nana Norma was here Malina stayed and played with her. We had an awesome time. We lounged by the pool and had some drinks. Of course, it was great having alone time but we missed Malina.

When we got home she was so excited to see us. She kept looking back and forth at us and smiling! It was VERY cute!! We were soo excited to see her. We had a wonderful time together,but we missed Malina. We're glad we had some time away, but were glad to be home with Malina and Nana.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Our lil Malina Janae

Malina is getting soooo big:(. She is officially our lil roller and swimmer. She also has her first bottom two teeth now and loves to sit up and play.

Malina loves to be on her tummy and roll to her back. She hasn't mastered rolling back to tummy from her back yet, so usually she yells for help...haha or she just plays for awhile on her back.

FINALLY, her two lil bottom teeth popped out. We've seen them for awhile, but now they are there:). Poor girl, has been waking up during the night. Sunday, they popped out and like magic she was back to sleeping good.......YEAH for all!!

She also sits up pretty good now. Last week she was pretty wobbly but recently she's been sitting pretty good for awhile. Of course, she has her occasional falls and I would not put her on tile, but on padded nice carpet she sits just fine;).

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Malina's BIG DAY!!

Malina had a busy,busy, BAPTISM DAY!! She actually was the last awake in the morning, which was nice because we were able to get ready. Of course, on our way to the church she decided to poop. Luckily, we got there early, so we were able to change her and get good seats.
During the ceremony Malina did pretty good. Of course, she did get a lil restless at times. It was a little warm , so she would get irritated. The ceremony was a little "unorganized" , but overall it went great!! Malina did not like the cold water on her head, but after she was fine:).

After the ceremony I wanted to take pictures, but poor Malina didn't...haha. I tried to get pics but it was a lil hard because Malina was hot and tiiirrred!! We did manage to get some pics though, but it took all of us to get her to smile.

On our way home Malina fell asleep. She was really tired. Once we got home and she saw people there, she didn't continue her nap. She had a great time celebrating with everyone and even managed to take a few naps.

Malina is sooooo lucky to have such great friends and family that helped her celebrate her BIG DAY!! We missed everyone who wasn't able to make it!! THANK YOU to all who came to the baptism and/or celebration !! We appreciate it!! Thank you to Malina's Ninas and Ninos...she is blessed to have 6 wonderful people in her life to help us guide her on her religious journey!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


5 pokes in 2 days :( , our poor girl!! She actually did great!! First on Monday she got her ears pierced (2 pokes) and today she had her 6 month appointment and got 3 shots:*(.

We decided to finally pierce Malina's ears. Of course, I was nervous ALL DAY!! When Carey got off of work, we took her to Claire's in Fashion Valley and did it!! Of course, Malina did not enjoy it, she cried instantly and then was fine after a couple of minutes. So far, she has been really good and they don't seem to bother her. We love her new lil earrings and can't wait til we can change them in 6 weeks....heheh:)

Today was Malina's 6 month appointment! I swear she remembered the doctor's office..haha. As soon as we walked in she was mad..LOL. Dr. Dweyer had to check her ears to make sure the infection was gone and she did not like that AT ALL!! Our lil bubba now weighs 15lbs 14oz. and is 27 inches long. She's definitely getting bigger...haha. Her 6-9 months clothes fit her great in the length..haha.

Of course, Malina did not like the shots:(. She screamed each time she was poked:(. Luckily daddy is a good holder because I know I can't do it!!I even managed to video tape her after her last shot. It's very heart breaking to hear her sooo sad, but within a few minutes she was fine (i may post it later). So far so good today after the shots. No fever or anything. SO hopefully she'll have a good night, but only time will tell :).

Monday, July 5, 2010

Malina's FIRST 4th of July

Malina had a very exciting 4th of July!! Daddy had to work so Malina and I went to OB:).We had funnnn!! We went over to Natalie's house and hung out for a while. Malina got to see what it's like on the 4th in OB (kinda). She had a blast playing with Natalie and Matt. She wanted to stay for the marshmallow fight, but we left at nap time:(.

When daddy got off we went to Uncle Elvin and Auntie Leri's for a BBQ!! Malina had fun playing/watching the kids. It was awesome seeing the fireworks soooo close up. I think they were practically in the backyard:). Malina liked watching the fireworks!! I was surprised she didn't get scared. She even stayed up late (passed her bed time) to watch the entire show.

She had lots of fun on her FIRST 4th.....she looks forward to many more:):)!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy HALF Birthday!!!!

Our lil Malina is half way to one :(. I can not believe it!! Time really has gone by FAST!!!

Malina is officially sleeping through the night....YEAH!! She usually sleeps from 8pm to 8am. Of course, there's the days where she goes to bed later or wakes up earlier. Luckily, there's not many of those days:). When she was sick she did wake up once each night to eat. I think her ear was hurting her, so she'd wake up :(

She is doing EXCELLENT with her eating! Each week she has tried a new vegetable. We don't want to introduce her to fruits yet, because she might be like us and only want that...haha. She started with peas she's now had peas,green beans, squash,sweet potatoes and carrots. She eats all of them but I think carrots are her least favorite. They are my least favorite too because she gets them everywhere and poops every time while she is eating them...haha:). When she was sick she favored her bottle over her food, but she still ate SOME food.

Since she turned 6 months old we had to have a fun day for her:). We woke up went to the gym, then we had brunch at The Broken Yolk in PB. Malina did good but toward the end she wanted to get out and touch EVERYTHING....(she doesn't just sleep in restaurants anymore:( ). After that we went to Del Mar to take her to the park and play. Of course, she slept for the beginning but we didn't mind. We enjoyed sitting and relaxing. When she woke up we played at the park:) She had fuuuunn!!! SO did we:)!! Then we came home and had Nino Ron, Nina Heather, Auntie Rie, Tata, Nino Eric, Auntie Cecily, Nina Nate, Kenzi, Nevin, and Jaden over. We ate some Popeye's food (yuuum), dessert and just hung out!! It was nice getting to celebrate Malina's half birthday!!

We are scared the second half is going to go by just as fast as the first half:(!! Before we know it, it'll be time for her 1st Birthday!! We look forward to her 6th month......more adventure...more attitude....more food...more voice:).

Enjoy her 5 month pics:)

Jun 10 Malina's 5th month