Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Our lil Malina Janae

Malina is getting soooo big:(. She is officially our lil roller and swimmer. She also has her first bottom two teeth now and loves to sit up and play.

Malina loves to be on her tummy and roll to her back. She hasn't mastered rolling back to tummy from her back yet, so usually she yells for help...haha or she just plays for awhile on her back.

FINALLY, her two lil bottom teeth popped out. We've seen them for awhile, but now they are there:). Poor girl, has been waking up during the night. Sunday, they popped out and like magic she was back to sleeping good.......YEAH for all!!

She also sits up pretty good now. Last week she was pretty wobbly but recently she's been sitting pretty good for awhile. Of course, she has her occasional falls and I would not put her on tile, but on padded nice carpet she sits just fine;).

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