Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Where is our baby?

I don't even know where to begin!! Our lil girl is now doing the army crawl, drinking out of a sippy cup (kinda), and eating tons of fruits and veggies. She also visited Pacific Beach for the first time and finally met Auntie Dolly, Auntie Maritel and cousin Josh! Malina was soooo happy to meet more family!! She loves all her family and meeting ones she hasn't yet. Auntie Dolly, Auntie Maritel and Josh were in town for a quick visit. Malina was able to hang out for a bit. She was pretty good when they saw her during the day, but of course was a lil cranky when she visited close to her bedtime :(. So it's official she's doing the army crawl....haha. Late last week she started and she has gotten mighty fast. The video clip below is the day she started doing it. Her and I were playing and she kept reaching for a toy next thing I knew she was scooting to the toy. Of course, it took me a moment to find the camera, so by the time I filmed it she was EXHAUSTED..haha. Since then she's only gotten better. Now she moves quicker and all over. Of course, she prefers to be where ever I haven't laid down the blanket...haha She has also started to eat tons of different fruits and veggies. She has LOVED all of them. Carrots were her least favorite and come to find out they irrate her tummy. So other than carrots she eats it all. I've started to puree veggies for her:). She loves the green beans and peas:)Hopefully that means she'll be a good eater and like veggies. She also have started to take sips from beginning a sippy cup. During dinner we let her have a few swallows of water. She really seems to like it and gets water all down her chin and neck. Malina also visited the beach for the first time. The Farrage's had a beach house, so we went to play:)!! She loved it!! Of course, she loved the sand and all the people. She wasn't too crazy about the cold water. Every time the water would come to her feet she'd lift them...it was quite funny!! She definitely enjoyed herself and even managed to take a nice nap on the beach..LOL:) We are very lucky to have such a happy and good natured baby. For the most part she likes everyone and is happy. She usually only gets fussy when she's tired, hungry, or hot!! No complaints here!! All in all....i can't believe our lil munchkin will be 7 months Friday!! She is growing and getting so big right before our eyes!

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