Sunday, July 11, 2010

Malina's BIG DAY!!

Malina had a busy,busy, BAPTISM DAY!! She actually was the last awake in the morning, which was nice because we were able to get ready. Of course, on our way to the church she decided to poop. Luckily, we got there early, so we were able to change her and get good seats.
During the ceremony Malina did pretty good. Of course, she did get a lil restless at times. It was a little warm , so she would get irritated. The ceremony was a little "unorganized" , but overall it went great!! Malina did not like the cold water on her head, but after she was fine:).

After the ceremony I wanted to take pictures, but poor Malina didn't...haha. I tried to get pics but it was a lil hard because Malina was hot and tiiirrred!! We did manage to get some pics though, but it took all of us to get her to smile.

On our way home Malina fell asleep. She was really tired. Once we got home and she saw people there, she didn't continue her nap. She had a great time celebrating with everyone and even managed to take a few naps.

Malina is sooooo lucky to have such great friends and family that helped her celebrate her BIG DAY!! We missed everyone who wasn't able to make it!! THANK YOU to all who came to the baptism and/or celebration !! We appreciate it!! Thank you to Malina's Ninas and Ninos...she is blessed to have 6 wonderful people in her life to help us guide her on her religious journey!

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