Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy HALF Birthday!!!!

Our lil Malina is half way to one :(. I can not believe it!! Time really has gone by FAST!!!

Malina is officially sleeping through the night....YEAH!! She usually sleeps from 8pm to 8am. Of course, there's the days where she goes to bed later or wakes up earlier. Luckily, there's not many of those days:). When she was sick she did wake up once each night to eat. I think her ear was hurting her, so she'd wake up :(

She is doing EXCELLENT with her eating! Each week she has tried a new vegetable. We don't want to introduce her to fruits yet, because she might be like us and only want that...haha. She started with peas she's now had peas,green beans, squash,sweet potatoes and carrots. She eats all of them but I think carrots are her least favorite. They are my least favorite too because she gets them everywhere and poops every time while she is eating them...haha:). When she was sick she favored her bottle over her food, but she still ate SOME food.

Since she turned 6 months old we had to have a fun day for her:). We woke up went to the gym, then we had brunch at The Broken Yolk in PB. Malina did good but toward the end she wanted to get out and touch EVERYTHING....(she doesn't just sleep in restaurants anymore:( ). After that we went to Del Mar to take her to the park and play. Of course, she slept for the beginning but we didn't mind. We enjoyed sitting and relaxing. When she woke up we played at the park:) She had fuuuunn!!! SO did we:)!! Then we came home and had Nino Ron, Nina Heather, Auntie Rie, Tata, Nino Eric, Auntie Cecily, Nina Nate, Kenzi, Nevin, and Jaden over. We ate some Popeye's food (yuuum), dessert and just hung out!! It was nice getting to celebrate Malina's half birthday!!

We are scared the second half is going to go by just as fast as the first half:(!! Before we know it, it'll be time for her 1st Birthday!! We look forward to her 6th month......more adventure...more attitude....more food...more voice:).

Enjoy her 5 month pics:)

Jun 10 Malina's 5th month

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