Friday, October 7, 2011

Our little talker

Wow...... Malina is going to be very talkative!! It's very funny to hear her hold an entire conversation. She's continued to talk herself to sleep each night. She wakes up every morning talking to herself or her babies (stuffed animals). Also, before a nap she talks. Here's some of her words and phrases:

"Bye, bye wa wa" means bye bye water, she usually says this when we are flushing the toliet or letting the water out of the bath

"jooze" means yogart drink

"moe-nin" means good morning

"no no" means Nino

"Annie" means Auntie

"Mom-Me" means mommy

"Da-Dee" means daddy

"ow wee" means i have a little scratch or something u need to kiss..haha

"la la la la" means singing a song (haha)

"poo poo" means I went #2

"pee pee" means I went #1

"dit tee" means dirty

"peeeasss" means please

"night night" means good night

"wow wow" meants dog

"ought" means hot

"weady" means ready

These are just some of her words/phrases. Everyday she says a new word or phrase and we are stunned ...hahha.