Saturday, November 5, 2011

Malina's 2nd Halloween

Malina enjoyed her 2nd Halloween much more!! She actually was able to go up to the door and trick or treat with the kids. She didn't have "trick or treat" down yet so, she just said, "pppeeeasss!" She was so funny because she wanted more than one candy from each house. She'd try to take three or four...hahah.

This year we went to the Ruyera's house and had dinner then took the kiddos trick or treating. The Pirings and Rie,Felicia, and Unique also came over. It was a blast!! Malina enjoyed trick or treating very much! Mason and Cyan were pros! So next year Malina hopes to be a pro like them:).

Friday, October 7, 2011

Our little talker

Wow...... Malina is going to be very talkative!! It's very funny to hear her hold an entire conversation. She's continued to talk herself to sleep each night. She wakes up every morning talking to herself or her babies (stuffed animals). Also, before a nap she talks. Here's some of her words and phrases:

"Bye, bye wa wa" means bye bye water, she usually says this when we are flushing the toliet or letting the water out of the bath

"jooze" means yogart drink

"moe-nin" means good morning

"no no" means Nino

"Annie" means Auntie

"Mom-Me" means mommy

"Da-Dee" means daddy

"ow wee" means i have a little scratch or something u need to kiss..haha

"la la la la" means singing a song (haha)

"poo poo" means I went #2

"pee pee" means I went #1

"dit tee" means dirty

"peeeasss" means please

"night night" means good night

"wow wow" meants dog

"ought" means hot

"weady" means ready

These are just some of her words/phrases. Everyday she says a new word or phrase and we are stunned ...hahha.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where does time go?

My lil beauty is growing toooooo fast!!!

I don't even know where to start. Malina has become such a little personality. She keeps us laughing everyday. From her "attitude" to fake laugh, she's soo funny!!

She started this thing where she gives you attitude. I don't know where she got it, but it drives me mad...haha. You'll tell her something she doesn't like n she'll either mad dog you or roll her eyes. Isn't 20 months too young for that???? I THINK SO!!!!

She's such a lil mommy already!! She gets all her dolls and pats them to sleep or talks to them, it's really cute. Yesterday, in the car she was showing her baby her eyes. She kept telling her, "eyes, eyes!" It was quite funny. Carey and I were shocked that she was teaching the baby the way we teach her:).

This girl is to much!! She loves playing with kids and laughing! I am so grateful that overall she is a VERY happy and good little girl. I look forward to what else is to come.

I promise to not neglect the blog even though I'm busy!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Neglected the blog... :(


I really don't have an excuse other than we've been SUPER busy!! Malina has of course continued to amaze us. Everyday she learns, says or does something new.

Last week, for spring break, Malina took her first flight. Of course, we couldn't start with a quick flight. We flew to North Carolina to visit Nana Norma, Grandpa and Nino Nick. Overall, Malina did pretty good. It was kinda hard since our flights were hot and she is a hot kid, that made us both a little uncomfortable. However, the flight was forgotten once she was visiting with Nana, Grandpa and Nino. O yea, Roscoe, the dog, was her BFF. She followed that guy all over. She even managed to constantly sit in his bed...haha. She followed him around calling him "ruff ruff". We stayed there for 6 days. It was very nice and relaxing. The house is in the mountains , so it was nice being out in nature:).

Malina is talking quite a bit. Most of the time she has her own language, She does say "whaaas dat" "momma" "dada" "nana" "tata" "ruff ruff" "o sit" "o wow" clearly. She constantly keeps us laughing and on our toes. Anything we say or do she instantly copies. Tonight at dinner I was wiping my face with a napkin. She pointed to the napkin, so i gave it to her and she started wiping her mouth. It was very cute!! Carey and I were amazed that she knew to do that..haha

We are having soooooo much fun with Malina. We can't wait to see what she says or does next:).

Friday, January 21, 2011

1 year old

Our lil princess in ONE!!!

Wow, seems like yesterday she was a few months old...haha. Malina had lots of celebrating!! She celebrated her birthday 3 different times:).

CELEBRATION #1 ...On her actual birthday, Thursday December 30th, Carey, Malina and I went to the zoo. We had a fun time. Despite the cold weather, Malina loved looking at all the animals. She had a fun time. After the zoo we came home and had dinner and cake. Malina was so happy to celebrate her day with loved ones. Malina got her own cupcake and of course, did not like it:(. She didn't want anything to do with it

CELEBRATION #2..The beginning of January we went to Blythe to see the family. While we were there we decided to have a cake for Malina and her cousin Kase. They are only three days apart and we wanted to celebrate with the family. It was fun hanging out with family and friends. Again, Malina didn't care too much for the cake :(.

CELEBRATION #3..January 8th we had her first birthday party. We decided to have it at the house. We had a very fun time. Malina enjoyed all of the kiddos that came to play. She had fun hitting the pinata, playing with everyone and opening gifts.Again she had a cupcake and didn't like it. This time she even tried to put out the candle with her fingers :(.

GOOD,GOOD Times!!!! Malina enjoyed all of her CELEBRATIONS!!! She is very thankful for all of the WONDERFUL family and friends that are involved in her life and that came and helped her celebrate her FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!

Jan 11 Malina's Birthday Celebrations