Friday, January 21, 2011

1 year old

Our lil princess in ONE!!!

Wow, seems like yesterday she was a few months old...haha. Malina had lots of celebrating!! She celebrated her birthday 3 different times:).

CELEBRATION #1 ...On her actual birthday, Thursday December 30th, Carey, Malina and I went to the zoo. We had a fun time. Despite the cold weather, Malina loved looking at all the animals. She had a fun time. After the zoo we came home and had dinner and cake. Malina was so happy to celebrate her day with loved ones. Malina got her own cupcake and of course, did not like it:(. She didn't want anything to do with it

CELEBRATION #2..The beginning of January we went to Blythe to see the family. While we were there we decided to have a cake for Malina and her cousin Kase. They are only three days apart and we wanted to celebrate with the family. It was fun hanging out with family and friends. Again, Malina didn't care too much for the cake :(.

CELEBRATION #3..January 8th we had her first birthday party. We decided to have it at the house. We had a very fun time. Malina enjoyed all of the kiddos that came to play. She had fun hitting the pinata, playing with everyone and opening gifts.Again she had a cupcake and didn't like it. This time she even tried to put out the candle with her fingers :(.

GOOD,GOOD Times!!!! Malina enjoyed all of her CELEBRATIONS!!! She is very thankful for all of the WONDERFUL family and friends that are involved in her life and that came and helped her celebrate her FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!

Jan 11 Malina's Birthday Celebrations