Sunday, June 27, 2010

Our lil sick girl :(

Last week Malina woke up with a runny nose and cold-like symptoms. So of course, mommy and daddy knew something was wrong and called the doctor. Since she had been coughing a few days they wanted us to bring her in. When we brought her in she did have a little cold:( and an ear infection. Poor Malina had been tugging on her right ear but I thought it was because she was teething, i was WRONG!!!

She's actually done pretty good, much better than I expected. She definitely has her "whiny" moments, but those times are usually when its time for her to take a nap...haha. Also, she is teething, so our poor girl has pain coming in many areas. I must say though, she has done really well:) putting up with the constant nose wipes and taking medicine. She used to not mind taking meds, but now she does not like it. For her ear infection she is taking a prescription 3X's a day for 10 days, so I don't think any of us would like it either...hahah,

It's a bummer Malina is sick, but I am glad she's not toooo fussy!! Let's keep our fingers crossed that Malina gets over the ear infection and cold....SOOOOONNN!

Monday, June 21, 2010

♥Daddy's Girl♥

Daddy's FIRST Father's Day!!
Malina is soooo lucky to have such a wonderful daddy. We wanted to make his special day the best:). I woke up an made him breakfast. Then we hung out for a lil, opened his gifts. Then we went to La Jolla with Tata and Uncle Michael. We had a yummmy lunch at The Burger Lounge then walked around La Jolla. It was such a beautiful,warm day. Malina LOVED being outdoors. She enjoyed watching the birds and all the people out an about.

We hope Daddy and Tata had a great Father's Day! We're bummed we missed Tata Chuchi,Lolo, and Grandpa on their special day!! Malina is lucky to have soooo many wonderful men in her life. She looks forward to many more Father's Days with all of them.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

B-town visit

Since daddy had to be at GM conference all week last week Malina and I went to Blythe. We were so anxious to meet the newest member of the family Ralphie (baby R as Cycy calls him). Of course, i was really nervous and refused to drive all that way by myself with Malina, so Uncle Michael came to the rescue. He rode in the back with Malina and did an awesome job. Malina slept a lot of the ride, when she woke up Mj would play with her and make her laugh. Luckily both the ride up and and back she did great!!

We had fun hanging with family and friends in Blythe. We got to meet Ralphie, he's such a cutie!! We stayed with the Almquists, so Malina got to play with Kase, Lena and Kody. One night we had a BBQ at Lisa's and Uncle Richard, Richie, Nana, Tata, Tia Yoyo, Uncle Danny and all the kiddos were there:) It was fun visiting with everyone.

We even squeezed in lunch with Papa and Coco and dinner with Abri,Dorian,Danielle, Maria, Gavin, and Mel. Then we watch game 7 Lakers vs Celtics at the Copple's. Malina finally got to meet Rick, tacy and Khalil and saw lil Rick and Royce again.

Malina slept like a CHAMP:). Of course, Friday, the day we were coming home she decided to sleep in until 9..haha. I guess she didn't want to get on the rode at 9 like planned. We had a fun visit. It was great visiting with everyone:). We were excited to get back to see Carey though. We can't wait to go back to b-town.

spending QT with mommy

Now that I am off of work Malina and I get to spend all day together. I enjoy all the time with her. It's so different than the time during my maternity leave. Now, she is much more interactive and playful. We have a lot of fun together. She really likes being outdoors, so I try and take her out as much as possible.
She loves to play and jump in her bouncer. She has also started to watch the Baby Einstein videos. She enjoys watching them while playing. She plays takes a break to watch, then back to playing.
Malina has now been eating green beans, peas, squash, and just today she had sweet potatoes. So far, she has liked all of them. The only time she doesn't eat good is when her gums (teething) are hurting :(. Other than that she is a great lil eater.

Check out Malina bouncing like CRAZY!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Miss Personality

Malina is lil miss personality!! She sure is already showing us who's boss...haha. She has started to yell a lot. I notice if we're not paying attention or if we're doing something else, she yells to get our attention.

She loves to wear sunglasses. It is sooo funny!! Her little nose can't quite hold up the glasses but she tries. Then as the glasses droop on her face she looks down through the lens...haha. My poor girl is already used to pics. She now will smile or not, depending on her mood when I have the camera. Most of the time she's happy since I take her pics right after she eats..LOL

We have started to take Malina to the Kids Klub at LA Fitness. I was kind of worried at first, but she loves it!! She didn't cry when mommy and daddy walked away. Of course, the first day we both kept checking on her (daddy twice,mommy once .. in an hour). She did good but of course, did not want to fall asleep because all of the kids were there. One of the little girls wanted to hold her and Malina fell asleep in her arms:). The second time I went to get her and she had just fallen asleep in the swing. It's nice having her there because she gets really tired, since she won't sleep there and also, mommy and daddy can workout while she plays.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

getting bigger:)

Now that Malina is 5 months we decided to start her with the stage one foods. She started with peas:)!! She actually loves them. We sometimes give her just peas or sometimes she does peas and rice cereal, either way she is always down to eat...haha. This week we are going to try her with green beans. I'm hoping she likes them also.

Malina is no longer the baby of the family:(..haha:) Her Nina Mel finally had her cousin Ralphie on thursday!! Malina is super excited and can't wait to meet her newest cousin!

I know I have been behind on the blog....I apologize, but i've been busy. I had report cards due and all the end of the year "stuff". With the school year about to end i'm hoping to have more time to blog (at least once a week:) ) .....STAY TUNED!!!

5 months old

Our lil munchkin is 5 months old!!! I can't believe it!!! This month she has started being much more vocal. She defintely lets us know if she is not happy or if she's really excited!! She laughs a lot and recently even whined a lil :(.

She's growing so quickly. She's now wearing all her cute 6 month summer clothes:) Her 3-6 month onesies still fit her, but her pants have to be 6months or bigger. She has continued to eat great. Her pooping and everything is riht on track...haha.

We were so excited her 5 month landed on Sunday during Memorial Day weekend. Of course, daddy wanted to BBQ that day :). It ended up being a very fun day for all. The Putnam's were in town staying with us, so that was fuuun!! We got the kids a lil swimming pool since we knew it would be a warm day outside. Mason,Nevin,Jaden,Kenzi and matthew had fun playing. Of course, the night ended with bubbles (my favorite). The adults took turns blowing bubbles for the kids..hahah. Malina had a blast going from arm to arm and watching the kids play. I even put her in them pool for a bit. She liked it until the boys started splashing...haha.

Malina had a great long weekend with both mommy and daddy and the Putnam's. She enjoyed watching Natalie and Matthew play. She loves watching the kids, so she was in heaven having Natalie and Matthew stay and play all day. I think she even wished she could play too...haha

We still can't believe how big our girl is getting!! Attached are picutres for her 4th month! Enjoy!!