Monday, June 21, 2010

♥Daddy's Girl♥

Daddy's FIRST Father's Day!!
Malina is soooo lucky to have such a wonderful daddy. We wanted to make his special day the best:). I woke up an made him breakfast. Then we hung out for a lil, opened his gifts. Then we went to La Jolla with Tata and Uncle Michael. We had a yummmy lunch at The Burger Lounge then walked around La Jolla. It was such a beautiful,warm day. Malina LOVED being outdoors. She enjoyed watching the birds and all the people out an about.

We hope Daddy and Tata had a great Father's Day! We're bummed we missed Tata Chuchi,Lolo, and Grandpa on their special day!! Malina is lucky to have soooo many wonderful men in her life. She looks forward to many more Father's Days with all of them.

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