Friday, June 11, 2010

Miss Personality

Malina is lil miss personality!! She sure is already showing us who's boss...haha. She has started to yell a lot. I notice if we're not paying attention or if we're doing something else, she yells to get our attention.

She loves to wear sunglasses. It is sooo funny!! Her little nose can't quite hold up the glasses but she tries. Then as the glasses droop on her face she looks down through the lens...haha. My poor girl is already used to pics. She now will smile or not, depending on her mood when I have the camera. Most of the time she's happy since I take her pics right after she eats..LOL

We have started to take Malina to the Kids Klub at LA Fitness. I was kind of worried at first, but she loves it!! She didn't cry when mommy and daddy walked away. Of course, the first day we both kept checking on her (daddy twice,mommy once .. in an hour). She did good but of course, did not want to fall asleep because all of the kids were there. One of the little girls wanted to hold her and Malina fell asleep in her arms:). The second time I went to get her and she had just fallen asleep in the swing. It's nice having her there because she gets really tired, since she won't sleep there and also, mommy and daddy can workout while she plays.

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