Saturday, June 5, 2010

getting bigger:)

Now that Malina is 5 months we decided to start her with the stage one foods. She started with peas:)!! She actually loves them. We sometimes give her just peas or sometimes she does peas and rice cereal, either way she is always down to eat...haha. This week we are going to try her with green beans. I'm hoping she likes them also.

Malina is no longer the baby of the family:(..haha:) Her Nina Mel finally had her cousin Ralphie on thursday!! Malina is super excited and can't wait to meet her newest cousin!

I know I have been behind on the blog....I apologize, but i've been busy. I had report cards due and all the end of the year "stuff". With the school year about to end i'm hoping to have more time to blog (at least once a week:) ) .....STAY TUNED!!!

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