Friday, August 27, 2010

Little MJ

Our lil munchkin is sick again! Since the middle of this month she's not been feeling to great. Wednesday she started getting some mucus in her eye so I took her to Urgent Care. Of course, she has a cold and her cold has caused the eye mucus :( and ANOTHER ear infection. My poor lil girl. Luckily, she's happy as can be!! You wouldn't be able to tell. I guess that explains why last week she was sooo clingy and whiny....haha...poor lil one was in pain:(. Overall she's doing well she just DOES NOT enjoy taking her medicine.

On top of that her third bottom tooth came through this week. If it's not one thing it's another. Malina has continued to be very vocal and let's us know EXACTLY what she wants..hehe. A few days ago I caught her standing in her crib, so daddy immediately lowered it. Now she lifts the bumper to look through, it's really cute! Also, she has started eating "snacks"...haha. She had some puffs. At first the texture was kinda wierd but she got used to it very quick and now she likes them a lot.

Last week, she got to celebrate Inay's (great grandma) 99th birthday! That was real special. She loves seeing all the family. We even managed to get all the kids together for a pic:). Malina enjoyed playing with all her cousins/bodyguards. Unfortunately, Malina wasn't feeling the best that day and it was a very warm day, so she was a lil fussy. Regardless she had a fun time and was sooo happy to celebrate Inay's 99th birthday!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Growing quickly....

Lots has happened in these last few weeks.....of course many more firsts!!! Malina finally met her cousins Nickolas and Adrian and got to play with them:). She had a blast!! The boys were AWESOME with her and enjoyed entertaining her. Adrian could not give her enough kisses, it was too cute!! Unfortuinatley it was not planned, so mommy FORGOT both cameras:( we only got a couple pics with the phone:). Malina already can't wait to play with them again!

Malina also started sitting regularly in the stroller. She looks like such a big girl now!! It's so much easier and the stroller is much lighter...makes mommy happy!!Also, our big girl started sitting in the cart:). She really liked that because now Miss BUSY BODY can see EVERYTHING!! We also transitioned her to the big girl bather...where she sits up. She likes it because she can play in the water;)Lastly, she also sits in the high chair at more car seat!! That's so nice because now she can see everything....BUT she can also touch everything!! And believe me she makes sure to touch and play with it all!!

We are soooooo excited with all her firsts and how much she is changing, even though, she keeps us on our toes:)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

7 months old

July was a busy month for Malina!! She had her first 4th of July,got her ears pierced, got more shots, got baptized, went to the beach and started going to a new sitter!!

July flew by especially since my summer was over:(. Malina and I had tons of fun while I was off. She had her first 4th of July which she enjoyed very much!! Then she got her shots and her ears pierced, so that was a double.....ouuuch!! But she did great!! We finally baptized her. That was a fun and exhausting day!! Malina was hot so that kinda put her in a bad mood ...haha. Malina went to the beach for the first time. She really enjoyed it, she loved the sand. I can't wait to take her when she's a little bigger.

Malina has become VERY active this month. She scoots A LOT!! We are constantly on the go trying to keep up with her. She also LOVES,LOVES,LOVES to jump and bounce. In her bouncer she goes crazy. Even when you hold her she just jumps and bounces. She is also very vocal. She likes to scream and yell...haha. At night she will even talk herself to's very cute:)

I started back to work, so Malina goes to a sitter right near my work. A few of my co-workers recommended a lady who watched their kids, Rosa. Malina loves going there. She is very happy when I drop her off and very happy when i pick her up. She has not cried yet...(thankfully). There are other kids there at times and she loves to watch them.

She is growing so quickly!! I wish i could freeze time to enjoy it even more...hehe. 6 months down 6 more til she's 1.......can't believe it

Jul 10 Malina's 6th month