Wednesday, August 4, 2010

7 months old

July was a busy month for Malina!! She had her first 4th of July,got her ears pierced, got more shots, got baptized, went to the beach and started going to a new sitter!!

July flew by especially since my summer was over:(. Malina and I had tons of fun while I was off. She had her first 4th of July which she enjoyed very much!! Then she got her shots and her ears pierced, so that was a double.....ouuuch!! But she did great!! We finally baptized her. That was a fun and exhausting day!! Malina was hot so that kinda put her in a bad mood ...haha. Malina went to the beach for the first time. She really enjoyed it, she loved the sand. I can't wait to take her when she's a little bigger.

Malina has become VERY active this month. She scoots A LOT!! We are constantly on the go trying to keep up with her. She also LOVES,LOVES,LOVES to jump and bounce. In her bouncer she goes crazy. Even when you hold her she just jumps and bounces. She is also very vocal. She likes to scream and yell...haha. At night she will even talk herself to's very cute:)

I started back to work, so Malina goes to a sitter right near my work. A few of my co-workers recommended a lady who watched their kids, Rosa. Malina loves going there. She is very happy when I drop her off and very happy when i pick her up. She has not cried yet...(thankfully). There are other kids there at times and she loves to watch them.

She is growing so quickly!! I wish i could freeze time to enjoy it even more...hehe. 6 months down 6 more til she's 1.......can't believe it

Jul 10 Malina's 6th month

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