Friday, August 13, 2010

Growing quickly....

Lots has happened in these last few weeks.....of course many more firsts!!! Malina finally met her cousins Nickolas and Adrian and got to play with them:). She had a blast!! The boys were AWESOME with her and enjoyed entertaining her. Adrian could not give her enough kisses, it was too cute!! Unfortuinatley it was not planned, so mommy FORGOT both cameras:( we only got a couple pics with the phone:). Malina already can't wait to play with them again!

Malina also started sitting regularly in the stroller. She looks like such a big girl now!! It's so much easier and the stroller is much lighter...makes mommy happy!!Also, our big girl started sitting in the cart:). She really liked that because now Miss BUSY BODY can see EVERYTHING!! We also transitioned her to the big girl bather...where she sits up. She likes it because she can play in the water;)Lastly, she also sits in the high chair at more car seat!! That's so nice because now she can see everything....BUT she can also touch everything!! And believe me she makes sure to touch and play with it all!!

We are soooooo excited with all her firsts and how much she is changing, even though, she keeps us on our toes:)

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