Saturday, June 5, 2010

5 months old

Our lil munchkin is 5 months old!!! I can't believe it!!! This month she has started being much more vocal. She defintely lets us know if she is not happy or if she's really excited!! She laughs a lot and recently even whined a lil :(.

She's growing so quickly. She's now wearing all her cute 6 month summer clothes:) Her 3-6 month onesies still fit her, but her pants have to be 6months or bigger. She has continued to eat great. Her pooping and everything is riht on track...haha.

We were so excited her 5 month landed on Sunday during Memorial Day weekend. Of course, daddy wanted to BBQ that day :). It ended up being a very fun day for all. The Putnam's were in town staying with us, so that was fuuun!! We got the kids a lil swimming pool since we knew it would be a warm day outside. Mason,Nevin,Jaden,Kenzi and matthew had fun playing. Of course, the night ended with bubbles (my favorite). The adults took turns blowing bubbles for the kids..hahah. Malina had a blast going from arm to arm and watching the kids play. I even put her in them pool for a bit. She liked it until the boys started splashing...haha.

Malina had a great long weekend with both mommy and daddy and the Putnam's. She enjoyed watching Natalie and Matthew play. She loves watching the kids, so she was in heaven having Natalie and Matthew stay and play all day. I think she even wished she could play too...haha

We still can't believe how big our girl is getting!! Attached are picutres for her 4th month! Enjoy!!

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