Sunday, June 20, 2010

spending QT with mommy

Now that I am off of work Malina and I get to spend all day together. I enjoy all the time with her. It's so different than the time during my maternity leave. Now, she is much more interactive and playful. We have a lot of fun together. She really likes being outdoors, so I try and take her out as much as possible.
She loves to play and jump in her bouncer. She has also started to watch the Baby Einstein videos. She enjoys watching them while playing. She plays takes a break to watch, then back to playing.
Malina has now been eating green beans, peas, squash, and just today she had sweet potatoes. So far, she has liked all of them. The only time she doesn't eat good is when her gums (teething) are hurting :(. Other than that she is a great lil eater.

Check out Malina bouncing like CRAZY!

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