Tuesday, July 6, 2010


5 pokes in 2 days :( , our poor girl!! She actually did great!! First on Monday she got her ears pierced (2 pokes) and today she had her 6 month appointment and got 3 shots:*(.

We decided to finally pierce Malina's ears. Of course, I was nervous ALL DAY!! When Carey got off of work, we took her to Claire's in Fashion Valley and did it!! Of course, Malina did not enjoy it, she cried instantly and then was fine after a couple of minutes. So far, she has been really good and they don't seem to bother her. We love her new lil earrings and can't wait til we can change them in 6 weeks....heheh:)

Today was Malina's 6 month appointment! I swear she remembered the doctor's office..haha. As soon as we walked in she was mad..LOL. Dr. Dweyer had to check her ears to make sure the infection was gone and she did not like that AT ALL!! Our lil bubba now weighs 15lbs 14oz. and is 27 inches long. She's definitely getting bigger...haha. Her 6-9 months clothes fit her great in the length..haha.

Of course, Malina did not like the shots:(. She screamed each time she was poked:(. Luckily daddy is a good holder because I know I can't do it!!I even managed to video tape her after her last shot. It's very heart breaking to hear her sooo sad, but within a few minutes she was fine (i may post it later). So far so good today after the shots. No fever or anything. SO hopefully she'll have a good night, but only time will tell :).

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