Sunday, April 25, 2010

Our Malina is growing up....

hehe...... Lil Malina is changing soooo much. She is one hungry girl!! She started waking up more frequently and wanting more formula. Then her 6 oz bottles were not "filling" her up. So, we decided to started giving her rice cereal. The first day she was not too sure about it. Mommy made it a little runny...hahaha, so that's probably why. The second night she did much better, but her tummy hurt for a bit after:(. Now she's on her 4th day and she likes it and sleeps much better at night.

Malina has also started to teethe....LOTS of drooling and FUSSY times..haha:) This afternoon she was pretty fussy but once she started chewing on her teething toy she was ok. She also tries to stick her entire hand in her mouth. Most of the time she just manages to have 3 fingers in there. Sometimes she even gags herself . She is too funny!

Our lil Malina is also becoming a homebody (like daddy). When we go out to crowded or noisey places she gets overwhelmed :(. I am hoping this is just a phase , but we'll c. We will continue to have her out to see if she can over come her wanting to be at home. She also just recently started crying when being held by others :(. Usually its at nap time, when she freaks out but I don't know. I'm hoping this too also passes. Our girl is not wanting to be the social butterfly we want her to be...LOL. :(

We can't believe Malina is going to be 4 months Friday!! Time has gone by sooooo quickly!!

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