Tuesday, April 20, 2010

QT with Nana

Malina and Nana Norma are having sooo much fun together. Of course, Malina is EXTREMELY spoiled by her Nana. They have both gotten really close, it's very cute.

Malina has started to giggle and laugh, it's the cutest thing. She cracks up with her Nana, it is adorable. Everytime we pull out the video camera she instantly STOPS :(. Hopefully soon we will get it on video.

Nana is very busy all day with lil Malina, but somehow she still manages to cook amd clean:):). She now realizes why I say Malina is "high maintence". Nana has learned all the Malina tricks, so it's easier , but she still gets a run for her money....haha.

I know Malina is going to miss her Nana when she has to go back, but for now, she'll ENJOY and CHERISH all of her QT with Nana.

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