Tuesday, May 4, 2010

4 Months old

Yep another month!! Malina is 4 months old!! Time sure is flying by!!! For Malina's 4 month she had to get her shots and then we celebrated.

Her 4 month appointment happened to fall on her4 month birthday! Mommy, daddy, and nana took her to the appointment. Malina has continued to grow. She is in the 50th percentile for her head size and weight (13lbs 14oz) and in the 75th percentile for her length. She grew taller (longer) this month, but not much heavier. We knew she was getting longer because all her 3 months clothes are too short...haha Her jeans are now capris, and her pj's she can't even stretch out in...LOL. Therefore, she is now in 6 months on bottom and pj's. Her tops can still be 3 months, but it just depends.

Right when we walked into the room, malina started to cry. I think she remembered getting her 2 month shots. Then, she was OK until her first shot. She instantly screamed with the first,second and third poke. After she cried a lil more then the first time,but she was ok shortly after. That evening she came down with a fever:(. That same night tylenol and motrin were recalled, so we tried bringing the fever down the "natural" way...haha. Malina didn't get very much sleep that night. About 3 am we brought her to our room and she fell asleep on daddy's chest. She slept for 3 hours like that:). That was the most sleep she got that night/morning. Thankfully by Saturday afternoon she was feeling better.

After Malina's shots Nino Eric came over and hung out for awhile. We hung out ate some mexican food and ate "m" "j" and "4" cookies for Malina's 4 month. Malina had a great 4 month, but she was sad because it was nana Norma's last night in SD.

I still can't believe my baby is 4 months old!! These have been the greatest 4 months!!!

4 month pics

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