Monday, May 10, 2010

May, May, May

Some May Visits so far........
(5-1-10 )We finally went to LA and Malina got to meet the Putnams. She was very excited to finally meet them. She had lots of fun playing with Natalie and Matthew.They were both very cute with her. At times, they would see who could get closer to her...LOL:). Malina loved being held by Auntie Ally and making faces at Uncle Aaron...haha. For some reason she would make faces at Ciara :(....I think she was just shocked with how big Ciara has gotten..hhaha. She can't wait to play with the Putnams again!!

(5-4-10) Zoee and Auntie Emee stopped by for a quick visit after work. Malina and Zoee are too cute together. They are a few weeks apart in cuuuuute together!!!
(5-5-10) Nino Eric and Auntie Cec stopped by to say hi!! Malina was so happy to meet Auntie Cec and see Nino Eric again!!!
5-8-10 Malina went to visit Inay (her great grandma) and Auntie's for an early Mother's Day!! She had a great time laying with Inay!! She smiled at Inay a lot:)!! She was very excited to see her Auntie's and of course be held by everyone:):)!! While we were there Inay kept saying how much Malina looks like her daddy!! Inay even called Malina...."Carey". I guess it's true...she looks like her daddy!!! Malina was so happy to to spend time with Inay and her Aunties:)

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