Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Who's watching Malina????

Now that Nana is gone Malina gets to spend LOTS of time with daddy!!! They are having lots of fun together. She makes sure to keep daddy on his toes at all times haha:). They enjoy taking naps together and playing. The other day daddy said they fell asleep together and when he woke up Malina was staring at him:). What a good girl, she let her tired daddy get some rest!!

When daddy has to work Malina either goes with Tata Nick or Auntie Flea until mommy gets off! She has lots of fun with both of them. At Tata Nicks she's a LITTLE spoiled..haha. She's gotten better, but she was always wanting him to hold her. She likes when Uncle Michael and his friends get home from school. She sits and watches them play and enjoys all the attention, of course! When she goes with Auntie Flea she loves to keep her busy as well!! She constantly wants to go outside or walk around. She is also lucky because cousin Mason is there some of the days. She likes to watch Mason play and use all his toys and stuff...hahaha.We are very lucky to have Malina with either Tata or Auntie when mommy and daddy have to work!!!

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