Sunday, February 14, 2010

Half way to two months!!

Busy,busy,busy!!! Malina has kept us busy! This past week there has been many firsts for Malina. She started eating 4oz. consistently which is alot for our little girl who used to like to eat an ounce here and an ounce there. On Friday, she actually ate 5oz and on Valentine's Day she ate her record high of 6oz in one feeding. Mommy and daddy get soooo excited when she eats really good. This week she also discovered her fingers. She started sucking on her fist and fingers.

Wednesday, 2-10 was Lola's birthday, so on Friday,2-12 mommy, daddy, uncle Michael and lolo took Malina to the cemetery to see lola for the first time. Afterwards we all went and ate at Applebee's. Applebee's was Malina's first restaurant she visited. She did pretty good. As soon as mommy's food got there she woke up and was ready to eat...LOL. We took turns feeding her and overall she did good. She did become a little restless right when the check came, so her timing was great..haha.

Saturday, 2-13 Malina and mommy went to Aviva's 3rd birthday party.I realized it's really hard to take her to parties on my own. Of course, right when I was about to eat Malina woke up and was hungry. Luckily, Candice fed Malina so mommy could get a bite in. I think she does not want mommy to you see the pattern?

Sunday, 2-14 Malina celebrated her FIRST Valentine's Day! She started the day going to church. At church she saw her friend Maddie and Uncle Max, Auntie Elaine,Uncle Gabe and Auntie Margie. After church Malina went home to play with tata and Uncle Michael while mommy and daddy wnet on a date. That was Malina's FIRST time being babysat. Of course, she did great playing and sleeping. For dinner, Mommy,Daddy,Malina and Lolo went to Cheeburger Cheeburger. Malina slept the entire time. After dinner we stopped by Inays to drop off a Valentine. Malina ate and visited with Inay, her Aunties and her cousin Mason. She had a wonderful FIRST Valentine's day!

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