Sunday, February 21, 2010


3 CHEERS for Malina!!! Malina is starting to get into a routine:), or so we think. She's been doing wonderful with her eating, sleeping, and pooping.

SLEEPING. Malina is FINALLY starting to go to sleep between 8 and 9. Since she's been born we've tried putting her down at that time and at 11 we were still trying, but NOT lately. Sometimes she will fight her sleep and cry for a few minutes but luckily she has been falling asleep by 9. She has started to wake up every 4 to 5hours to eat at night. That makes both mommy and daddy happy especially since they feel much more rested each day.The first night mommy got worried. It had been 4 hours and usually Malina was already up and ready to eat. So, I put my hand on her to make sure she was breathing, she definitely was. I went back to bed and the next hour she woke up ready to eat. I figured she was just really tired. I fed her, put her back to bed and again she slept for 5 hours.I was sooooooooooo excited I woke up and just couldn't believe it. This has been happening for a few nights now. I am NOT complaining, but expect that anytime this great sleeping routine will change.

EATING. We were happy about 4 ounces now we are ECSTATIC about 6 ounces. She started drinking 6 oz every so often. Now, she consistently drinks 6 oz at a couple of her feedings. Her last feeding between 7 and 8 is 6 oz for sure. Yesterday, I went and bought BIGGER bottles, so now it's easier to feed her 6 oz at once rather than 4 oz than getting another bottle of 2 oz.

POOPING. In the last month as Malina started to drink more formula her tummy started to act up. This last week she went to strictly formula and had a few rough days of belly aches and a little constipation. These last few days she has started to POOP regularly and is much happier, therefore, we are ALL much happier.

All in all, this has been a GREAT few days and we are hoping we can say the same come next week but who know..................STAY TUNED!!!!!

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