Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2 month appointment

I am soooooo glad today is over. I was dreading Malina getting her shots. I woke up with a horrible stomachache and all I could think about was her being in pain:(.Her first shots were in the nicu, so we didn't get to experience them with her.

I must say Malina did AWESOME! As expected she cried but only for a brief second once the shot was in. Daddy had to hold her:)because mommy was tooo scared. Mommy took pics during the shots, so she was distracted and didn't have time to cry. After the shots Malina was really good all day. She slept the majority of the day. She woke up to eat throughout the day, then about 6 she woke up in a GREAT mood!! She played with mommy and daddy for awhile.

Overall, her appointment was good. Our lil Malina is definitely growing. She is completely out of newborn clothes and into 0 -3 months. I am happy about that because now she can wear outfits not just pajamas....haha. At her appointment today she weighed 10lbs 13 oz which is great but I thought she weighs more. The doctor had her do tummy time and said she has good neck control.Now as I type I have Malina snoring in her bassinet on my right and Carey on my left snoring.I guess that's my cue to join them.....hahaha. Stay tuned for all her 1st month pictures.................

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