Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Got Sleep??

Malina has had a few rough days here and there this last week. Sunday, she had a very rough evening. Uncle Ron, Auntie Heather and Mason got to see a different side of Malina. She was very fussy and just not very happy. Heather and I left for a few minutes, when we returned Malina had exploded (with poo) on her daddy. Mason had also taken out every toy possible and spread them across the house. It was very funny having the living room in chaos. Monday, Malina still wasn't her usual self so we took her to the doctor. She was a little constipated so that was causing her fussiness. Also, the doctor said she could be colic if the fussiness continues. Luckily, she still has her "malina moments" but overall her fussiness has stopped. So , Malina must have been so unhappy because of her tummy and just because she is Malina....haahhaa Also, Malina now weighs 9lbs 5oz, so that could be why she is so unhappy because of her constant growth spurts.

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