Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Getting used to home

The second day (1-2-09, Saturday) was pretty good, and the night was awesome! Malina woke up each night to feed but that was all. We were so impressed, and hoped this was her sleeping pattern from now on.

Sunday, 1-3-09 , EXACT opposite of the previous night. She was amazing during the day. The Dirs and the Ruyeras were here watching the Charger game and she was loving all the attention. She went from arm to arm, and swing to bouncer, she was in heaven!! We kept telling them how bad of a temper she has and how mad she gets, yada yada, and they didn't believe us because of how good she was. Once everyone left Carey and I knew it would be a loooong night for us. We were soooooo correct. Every hour on the hour she woke up. She must of had her days and nights completely mixed up. It was a rough night for Carey and I , but somehow we managed to work together and manage not sleeping.

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