Tuesday, January 19, 2010

going on 3 weeks...

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Last week came and went so quickly......
Friday, 1-15-09, Malina had her 2nd appointment. This time she was a little better. She didn't cry too much. Of course, she didn't like undressing, but that's expected from her...hahaha. She now weighs 7lbs 6oz :). Carey and I were both pleasantly surprised she went up that much.

These last few days Malina has started smiling A LOT!! It is very cute!! We notice it a lot when she is getting ready for bed. She constantly smiles and has little smirks on her cute face.

Saturday, 1-16-09, Malina met Maria, Gavin, Danielle, Tim, Veronica, and Natalie for the first time. She was bummed Annica wasn't there but she's excited to see her next time. Malina enjoyed being held of course and passed around.

Sunday, 1-16-09, BIG DAY for Malina. She went to her first birthday party. Her bf Kenzi's first birthday party :) She slept the whole party. She did wake up for a lil while just enough time to poop in her Charger outfit. Luckily, mommy packed another outfit. Malina then went to the Dir's and watched the Charger's vs the Jets. Not a good game but Malina did enjoy FINALLY meeting the Farrage's, Grams, Janice and the Zamora's. She slept the majority of the time in everyones arms, but by 8:30 she knew it was her bedtime. She told mom and dad by screaming and crying that she wanted to go home :(. That was our first day out the majority of the day. Overall, the day went well.

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