Wednesday, January 6, 2010

1 week old today

1-6-10 It's hard to believe our lil Malina is already a week old. Seems like yesterday I was anticipating her arrival. This past week has been very "different" for us. A good different of course. Carey and I have had very little sleep but we seem to being managing just fine. We both take turns feeding and changing Malina. Most of the time the feeding is up to me since I have the "goods", but I've pumped some into bottles to make sure Carey gets his fair share of feeding also. Malina is adjusting well. She is starting to confuse her nights and days less, so that's good. Overall, we are are very blessed and can't complain.

Monday, 1-4 Malina went to her first doctors appointment. She did not enjoy undressing during the appointment. The appointment went well. She had gained an ounce so, the doctor was pleased. We also scheduled her next appointment. So far so good!

Tuesday, 1-5 We went on our first errands without Malina. Malina stayed home with Nana Norma while Mommy and Daddy ran errands. When we got home we took Malina for a walk. She enjoyed her first stroll in her stroller. She slept the majority of the time, but she still seemed to enjoy the fresh cool SD air.

click to see pics of malina's first week

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