Sunday, January 24, 2010

Last day home for daddy :(

Some pics of part of Malina's 4th week

Malina definitely knows today is Carey's last day. Actually this whole week has been a little different. I think she wants to make sure Carey misses us when he goes back to work. It started Wednesday when she was going through a growth spurt. Carey and I did not understand what was going on. All day she wanted to do was eat or be in our arms. This is unusual for Malina and we wondered why she was so "fussy". As we read and talked to other parents we realized there's a big growth spurt at 3 weeks and apparently that's what was going on. Luckily, the next day she was back to her normal sleeping and eating. THANKFULLY, because we were getting a little worried.

Friday, Malina's bellybutton fell off. Actually the majority of it fell off late last week, but the last of it came off Friday. So, Saturday we took her a bath in the big bath with her little bather of course. She was really liking it until the bather malfunctioned....haha. Overall, i think she is really going to enjoy her baths now. She also started doing her tummy time and playing on her little play yard. She really likes playing with all the hanging toys, but only for a few minutes..haha.

Saturday, Malina finally got to meet some more of her uncles/aunties/cousins/friends. We went to Edmon's 3rd birthday and we got to meet baby Rylan and Baby Zoee. Malina is the baby of the 3, but they are all just weeks apart. Maddie is now so big at 6 months compared to the little guys,and Edmon is the big kid at 3. The conversations were very different at the party. Everyone was having fun passing the kids around. Auntie Gayla and Uncle Greg are definitely next...hahaha (We can't wait for another baby to join the group). Malina enjoyed being in everyones arms of course, and once again no one believed how temperamental she is. I must say she is a GREAT

I am bummed Carey is going back to work tomorrow. I know it's going to be another adjustment since I am used to him helping a we'll see how tomorrow goes!!! Wish me luck!!!!

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