Saturday, January 2, 2010

Apparently the medicine was working great (according to the doctors and nurses). At 5 am my cervix was thinned and I was dilated to 9 cm , so i got an EPIDURAL and the fun was really on it's away!! At 8:45 the doctors and nurses said it was time to start pushing!! So immediately I started pushing with my coaches, Carey and my mom, along side. For a good hour I pushed but Malina did not come out. We took a break because both Malina and I (mostly me) were getting tired. At 10:15 I started pushing again. We tried several postions and different methods and nothing seemed to get her out. About 11:20 the doctor said we would try pushing until 12 and then we could make a decision for plan B. At about 11:40, I was EXHAUSTED and Malina's heartrate started to drop , immediately the doctors decided an emergency c section was necessary NOW. At that point, everyone's concern was Malina's decreasing heartrate :( , which at this point I had no idea was even occuring. This point on was all like a scence from Grey's Anatomy and a HUGE BLUR to me. I was rushed in for the c section and at 12:33 Malina was born. After she was born the doctors realized she was not positioned right, so that is why she she wasn't able to come out. She was stuck behind the pelvic bone, so it was good they did a c section when they did.
When Malina first came out the doctors immediately started working on her. She came out and was very pale and not breathing. She also was not moving around like newborns should. This along with a few other things caused a lot of concern, so she was immediately rushed to the NICU and started on antibiotics. I was not able to see Malina until later than evening. I was very bummed that I wasn't able to see her neither was any of our family. Carey did go and see her for a bit , but he wanted to wait until I was able to see her. About 9:30 that evening her NICU nurse brought her into our room so we could see her.

After her birth, the doctors said she immediately starting doing better. She had reacted to all the medications I was on and the stress of the delivery had caused her heartrate to decrease at first. While in the NICU she was closely montiored and tested to ensure she was ok. She passed all of her tests and immediately the doctors and nurses knew her as "Ms. fiesty" and "Ms. Temper". However, she had to remain in the NICU to finish her antibiotics and for observation.

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