Friday, October 1, 2010

3/4 of the way!!!

Happy 9 months to our lil beauty!!

Yep, she is 9 months old!! I can not believe it!! Time has really gone by quickly. EVERYDAY she is doing something new. She has gotten her forth bottom tooth and I'm starting to wonder if she'll get top teeth...haha:). Last week she also started crawling, no more army crawling!! She is very quick, and definitely know what she wants and crawls after it. She's also continued to stand up on EVERYTHING.

This last week, she has become really clingy :(. I don't mind the clinginess, but it's just when I'm not around and she cries. It's very flattering, but it makes me feel terrible :(. On last Saturday, for the first time the Kids Klub told me she cried the entire time she was there. That made me sad because usually she is always very happy and excited. I did continue to take her all week , and today and yesterday she did better,I'm soo glad!

I'm hoping it is coincidence, but Malina has started shaking her head "no". Malina do you want your paci "no"...malina eat this "no". She shakes her head and puts her lips together too in case you don't understand the head shaking. Speaking of food, this girl does not like baby food anymore. She refuses to eat ANY baby food....uuuugggghhh!!! She will only drink a bottle or eat little snacks (yogurt melts,puffs, etc.), I don't get it!

Each day is a new adventure with this girl!! We look forward to seeing what the 9th month has in store for us!!

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