Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Where's OUR baby??

Malina is officially done with the "paci"!! I can't believe it was so easy..LOL. It was actually by accident that she stopped..haha. We were in Blythe and I forgot it for the day, of course, I freaked out at first. Then, I decided to see how she'd do without it. All day she was fine:). So, I decided to try at night and again she was fine. Now a week and a half later, she's DONE!! She had a couple whiny moments, but nothing like what I expected.

This week she started waving hi and bye. Last week she would randomly do it, now this week when we leave or arrive she waves. It's really cute!! Of course, it makes me sad cuz she's growing up toooooo fast!!

We are very excited for Malina's first Thanksgiving and holiday season and then her FIRST Birthday!! It's all coming tooo quick!! Stay tuned................

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